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EMERGENCY APPEAL: Eastern Ghouta Fund

“Many children are passing out in their class rooms. I have some children who haven’t eatan anything in 2 days. The only thing that keeps me going is the hope that better days are on the way.”- Dr. Gazwan Bweidani , Eastern Ghouta


We Must Act Now!

Support the 'Eastern Ghouta Fund'

"There have been over 600 people injured and 108 killed in the past week. In 5 years of besiegement, it is the worst we have ever seen. Many of the medical facilities in Eastern Ghouta have been shut down and those remaining are overloaded with the influx of patients; the most they have seen in five years. The medical staff I have spoken to are physically and emotionally at their limits but have no other options. Even the most basic medicines/ medical supplies are in shortage with all aid supply lines cut off."- Dr. Ghanem Tayara, Chairman of UOSSM International

What Can You Do:

1) Join the global advocacy campaign on social media #BreakGhoutaSeige & #SaveEastGhouta . 
2) Call, write and meet  your local and national political leaders. Urge them to take actions to end the siege and open safe aid corridors into Eastern Ghouta for: medical aid, food supplies and the immediate medical evacuation of 240 patients in critical condition. 
3) Organize events and hold vigils on behalf of the people of Eastern Ghouta.
4) Write 'opinion editorials' to submit to your local media.
5) Donate to our "Emergency Appeal: Eastern Ghouta Fund" to support medical aid inside Ghouta.




"There are between 600-1,000 new births every month in Eastern Ghouta; The people of Ghouta still have HOPE for a brighter future"


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